[Partner Post] Essilor’s Varilux Challenge Reinforces the Message ‘Good Enough Just Isn’t Enough’


Essilor designed the “Varilux® Challenge” to reinforce the message that, when it comes to progressive lenses, “good enough” just isn’t enough. The optical dispensary at Frisco Eye Associates in Frisco, Texas took that message to heart. And it’s changed the way the staff recommends and dispenses progressives. According to Steve Osorio, optical manager, the four-location optometric practice in the Dallas Metroplex didn’t have a go-to progressive prior to signing up for the “Challenge” earlier this year. Like all participating practices, Frisco Eye Associates committed to fitting the majority of its presbyopic patients with Varilux® lenses—and they’ve noticed a difference.

Varilux progressive lenses are designed to provide sharp vision at every distance—even in dimly lit conditions—and eliminate the blurriness and low-light issues of ordinary progressive lenses.

“Prior to the Varilux Challenge, we were using multiple brands to fill progressive prescriptions,” Osorio recalled. “It seemed like every optician in our practice had their go-to brand and we had no clear consensus of what progressives worked best for our patients. We decided to participate in the Challenge because we wanted to see the results when we put our patients in Varilux lens and have all of our opticians see the results for themselves.”

Indeed, since starting the Challenge, Frisco Eye Associates patient response has been overwhelmingly positive. Overall, new Varilux wearers in the practice’s patient base have reported that the lenses provide “clear vision” without the “adjustment” period (adaptation) required with other progressive designs.

One of those patients is Marilyn Rover, a long-time progressive wearer who made the switch to Varilux as part of the Challenge. She’s never been happier with her vision.

“It’s so clear I hardly know I’m wearing glasses,” said Rover, who has worn progressives for more than 20 years. “Life is just a little bit easier because I’m actually seeing everything, without having to stop and focus.

“I wear my glasses now throughout the day, morning to night,” she added. “I never have to take them off to see something.” Rover was moved into the Varilux X Series™ lenses after wearing a “pretty generic” progressive lens previously. She intends to stay a Varilux wearer going forward.

Osorio, too, is happy with the results, given that it has meant increased patient satisfaction with the services offered by the optical department at Frisco Eye Associates. They have found particular success fitting Varilux X Series lenses, the company’s most advanced design featuring Xtend™ Technology. In addition to providing sharp vision and smooth transitions at any distance, Varilux X Series lenses with Xtend Technology are designed to expand patients’ vision “within arm’s reach,” so they no longer have to tilt or angle their head to find just the right spot.

“We have been very happy with the results,” he explained. “Since starting the Challenge, we have moved to streamlining our product offerings, and we have seen a reduction in troubleshooting issues, especially with Varilux X Series. Plus, patients are very happy with the larger reading and intermediate channel.

“Our goal was to come to a consensus as to whether Varilux® lenses were the progressives we wanted to put the majority of our patients in, and we’ve done that,” he concluded.