November Is Diabetes-Related Eye Disease Month

NEW YORK—In addition to the many things that have made this month an important one, November is also Diabetes-Related Eye Disease Month, an important month as any for ECPs. Diabetes can make patients two to five times more likely to develop cataract, according to Prevent Blindness, and can lead to a whole host of other eye health issues as well. This year, we’ve seen an impressive collective effort, particularly through the pandemic, to boost awareness about diabetes health threats and the connection of the disease to eye health. As part of that effort, ECPs and organizations have headed online to spread information about diabetes-related eye disease, providing templates and inspiration for all ECPs to help communicate with their patients.

Prevent Blindness has dedicated the month of November to diabetes-related eye disease. Here, the organization shares an infographic regarding the relationship between diabetes and cataract. Prevent Blindness also has a free diabetes and the eyes educational toolkit available on its website. Image via prevent_blindness on Instagram.

Menka Patel, MD, MSc, an ophthalmologist in New York, headed to Instagram to share an informative post on both how diabetes can affect the eye and how vision loss from diabetes can be prevented. Image via dr.menkapatel on Instagram.

Optolearn uploaded a lowdown on diabetic retinopathy in particular, explaining the who, what, where, and why of the illness. Image via optolearn on Instagram.

The International Agency for the Prevention of Blindness is hosting a webinar titled Blinded by Sugar, which explores the link between sugar, diabetic retinopathy, and the COVID-19 pandemic. Image via iapb on Instagram.


The team at Visualeyes Optometry in Sherman Oaks, California, recorded a quick video to discuss the ways in which diabetes can affect the eyes. Image via visualeyesoptom on Instagram.  

Eschenbach Optik of America also got involved, recommending yearly eye exams for people living with diabetes. Image via eschenbachoptik_america on Instagram.

This year, VSP and the American Diabetes Association have teamed up to provide no-cost, ADA-accredited virtual CE on diabetes and eye health for all VSP network doctors. On social media, VSP shared personal diabetes stories—including that of Dr. Nina Doyle, who developed gestational diabetes, and how that changed the way she practices eyecare. Image via vspvisioncare on Instagram.