Indies Ring In the Summer With National Sunglasses Day

NEW YORK—For many of us, National Sunglasses Day is a sign that summer is well and truly here. Despite this June 27 being markedly different from years past, stay at home orders and extra safety precautions didn’t put a damper on the National Sunglasses Day celebrations—in fact, is there anything better to do on a day at home than take a #SunglassesSelfie? National Sunglasses Day is a fantastic holiday for everyone to get involved with, but it’s especially important for independent ECPs, who often use June 27th to both spread important information about UV safety and spread the word about their practice. Here’s a look at how some independents celebrated National Sunglasses Day this year—ideas you can save for next year, or use whenever you want.

Nishan Pressley, OD, shared an easy-to-understand, educational post about why it’s so important to protect your eyes from UV rays. The post covers topics including cancer and cataracts, as well as what patients can do to keep their eyes safe. Image via Askdrnish on Instagram. 

Farrah Sunderji, OD, who works at Eyedeology Eyecare Eyewear in Calgary, Canada, posed in a pretty pair of Dior sunglasses to underscore the importance of wearing sunglasses for protection—but also for fashion. Image via on Instagram.

The team at Bella Vision in Spartanburg, South Carolina, celebrated National Sunglasses Day all week long by spotlighting sunglasses from their shop, as well as their team members. Here, Janet Monaco Wilson, OD, shows a pair of Kate Spade sunglasses. Image via bellavisioneyes on Instagram.

The Metro Optics team celebrated by putting together a video that showed off their funkiest sunglasses in stock. Image via Metrooptics on Instagram.  

Amanda Rights, OD, showed off a stylish pair of sunglasses alongside a reminder of just how important it is to wear them. Image via optomeyeslife on Instagram.

Last year, The Vision Council headed to Capitol Hill on National Sunglasses Day for a special Congressional briefing, “Sunglasses, UV Protection and What You Need to Know to Protect Your Vision.” Bridgitte Shen Lee, OD, who was part of the briefing shared some images from it on Instagram to celebrate. Image via Drbridgitte on Instagram.

And, of course, ECPs aren’t the only ones who took part in the National Sunglasses Day celebrations—lots of pups got involved, too. Image via on Instagram.