NEW YORK—Running a social media account for your practice isn’t always easy. It can be hard to keep up with regular posting, and sometimes it feels impossible to figure out what to post, when to post, and how often to post. One of the easiest ways to truly get involved on social media, and to up engagement, is to participate in hashtags and challenges, especially those that are specific to your social media niche. For the optical community, #framefriday is a perfect example.

Each Friday, opticians, optometrists, and designers take to Instagram to show off their favorite or featured frames of the week with the hashtag #framefriday. The hashtag has over 8,000 posts in it (, and grows every single week. It’s the perfect way to show off new stock, items on sale, customer and staff picks, or just something you can’t keep your eyes off of when you’re sitting in the office.

This week, we’re taking a look at how indies everywhere use the #framefriday hashtag—and how you can use it, too.

The team at Desert Valley Eye Care in Kennewick, Washington, used Frame Friday to show off their newest addition—State. Image via desertvalleyeye on Instagram.

Palatine Vision Center, in Palatine, Illinois, has a special format for their Frame Friday posts. Last week’s pick was Morel’s 1880 collection. Image via palatinevisioncenter on Instagram.

Northwest Ohio Vision Center featured an ecstatic looking patient for Frame Friday. She chose Coco Song frames for Spring. Image via northwestohiovisioncenter on Instagram.

Ozarks Family Vision Centre in Branson, Missouri, had a staff pick for their most recent Frame Friday: The McGee Group’s Vera Bradley. Image via ozarksfamilyvision on Instagram.

Last week, the team at Valley Eye Care Associates in Fort Kent, Maine, used Frame Friday to thank the medical team at the nearby Northern Maine Medical Center, who got some of their safety eyewear from the practice. Image via valleyeyecareassociates on Instagram.

At Elite Eye Care in Bismarck, North Dakota, Frame Friday is a day to show off patient picks. Last week’s pick was Modo. Image via eliteeyes on Instagram.

The team at Vista Eyecare in Saskatoon, Canada, just got a big shipment of Tura frames in—and there’s no better time to show that new stock off than on Frame Friday. Image via vistaeyecare on Instagram.

Book Optical and Book Vision Care, in Winnipeg, Canada, also got new stock just in time for Frame Friday—last week, they introduced new Francis Klein styles to their collection. Image via bookoptical on Instagram.

For Cochrane Family Vision in Cochrane, Alberta, Canada, Frame Friday is a perfect day to show off some spring fashion. Image via cochranefamilyvision on Instagram.

And, of course, you can think outside the box on Frame Friday, too. Joseph Allen, OD, FAAO, who practices in Minnesota, showed off some fun in-office art last Frame Friday. Image via doctoreyehealth on Instagram.