NEW YORK—History repeats itself, and trends come, go, and come again. No matter what, vintage fashion will always be cool—it’s just that the period of time fashionistas are in admiration of is in constant flux. Right now, it seems like there’s nothing cooler than leaning into the earthy tones, oversized frames, and long, flowing hair of the 1970s. On Instagram, on the runway, and in the pages of glossy magazines, those in the know in the fashion world are pulling inspiration from the 1970s for everything from bringing back bell-bottom jeans and Farrah Fawcett hair to, of course, the iconic 70s oversized frames.

Those giant square frames are everywhere on Instagram right now, both in thick colored acetate and thin, barely-there metals. There’s no question that the trend is back, and it’s more than likely that ECPs will soon have patients specifically looking for that 70s style, if they haven’t had requests already.

This week, we’re looking at some of the ways 70s eyewear is taking over on Instagram, offering inspiration for ECPs looking to hop on top of the trend this summer.

Last year, Selima Optique debuted a 70s-inspired frame named after one of the most influential musicians of the 60s, whose impact carried over into the 70s and beyond: Jimi Hendrix. Image via selimaoptique on Instagram.

Parisian eyewear brand Caroline Abram also just debuted a frame with the classic oversized, rectangular shape we associate with the 70s, though the Caroline Abram team also cites the 60s as inspiration for their Estrella style. Image via on Instagram.

Peep Eyewear, an indie direct to consumer eyewear brand based in the U.K., designs 70s-inspired frames and sells legitimate, vintage frames from the era. Image via peepeyewear on Instagram.

Larger direct to consumer brands are hopping on the trend, too—including EyeBuyDirect, who did this partner post with blogger cici.loves.cheese, who cites her 70s-inpsired gold frames as one of her favorite pairs from EyeBuyDirect. Image via cici.loves.cheese on Instagram.

The Instagram hashtag #70sstyle is full of eyewear, and the hashtag #70sglasses has over 2,000 posts of people showing off their 70s-inspired eyewear, including this post from vintage seller paisleydaisystore. Image via paisleydaisystore on Instagram.

Large Instagram influencers also wear the trend. In this post, blogger The SummerMama, who has over 15,000 followers, shows off her 70s-inspired sunglasses. Image via thesummermama on Instagram.

High fashion is in on the trend, too. In a recent campaign for Gucci, Alexa Chung modeled an entire 70s-inspired ensemble, which included these boxy frames. Image via alexachung on Instagram.