NEW YORK—This year, March is Workplace Eye and Wellness Month at Prevent Blindness. The goal of Workplace Eye Wellness Month is to raise awareness of potential damage to the eyes at work—this year, due to the ongoing pandemic and thus the increase in digital screen time for many remote workers, Prevent Blindness is emphasizing the dangers of digital eye strain. With March still in its first week, there’s plenty of time for ECPs to reach their patients regarding the importance of eye wellness at work. So far this month, many ECPs have taken to social media to share the message. Here’s a look at some of the ways ECPs across the country are doing just that—feel free to get inspired.

The team at Gregor Eye Care in Overland Park, Kansas, shared some easy tips that patients can use to help ease digital eye strain. Image via gregoreyecare on Instagram.

Kerry Gelb, OD, shared the statistic that 90 percent of eye injuries are preventable, underscoring just how important it is to protect your eyes properly at work. Image via drkerrygelb on Instagram.

Huntington Family Optometry, in Huntington, New York, shared that about 2,000 workers in the U.S. sustain job-related eye injuries each day. Image via familyopticalod.

The team at Johnson Eye Care in Cary, Illinois, combined the above two statistics and shared some of the common ways eye injuries at work come about. Image via johnsoneyecarecaryil on Instagram. 

Family Vision Center, located in Connecticut, encouraged patients to make an appointment and learn more about how to keep their eyes safe at work. Image via familyvisioncenters on Instagram.

Kenneth Boyer, OD, and Brian Boyer, OD, a father-son duo who practice in California, shared a graphic and information about the importance of eye safety at work. Image via drboyerod on Instagram.

The team at Northeast Sight Services in Exeter, Pennsylvania, shared an informative graphic about workplace eye safety. Image via northeast_sight_services on Instagram.