Membership Organization Retail Merchants Serves Local Businesses

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NEW YORK—Retail Merchants is a membership organization designed to serve local businesses, of all types. Yearly membership includes access to resources that serve owners and team members to enable them to capitalize on their independents, build relationships and visibility in their communities and find inspiration from others in the "local business" space. In fact, “THINK. SHOP. BUY. LOCAL” is a registered trademark of the group. Good, usable ideas abound, from learning more about how to promote and market local business, to better utilizing social media and give-back programs in local communities.

One valuable post is category agnostic. Seven Resolutions for Small Business in 2020 offers great tips and advice for anyone looking to make the most of 2020 and a new decade.

1. Examine your website
2. Check-in with customers
3. Evaluate your relationships
4. Evaluate your elevator pitch
5. Practice self-care
6. Embrace digital advertising
7. Invest in your people

From an insightful blog to an Events section that recognizes outstanding local small businesses, RMA brings together tactics that work for boutiques, small banks, salons, bookstores and more. Optical shop? Big upside here, as these are welcome, although The Independent Eye couldn’t discern any members in the eyecare/optical sector… as of yet!