NEW YORK—When you don’t know where to start, there’s usually no better place to begin than the library. For small business owners—new, old, or aspiring—The Balance Small Business is an online library dedicated to your needs, featuring more than 7,000 pieces of content collected over 20 years to help entrepreneurs launch and balance their own business. The Balance Small Business has a team of expert writers with decades of experience, including MBA and PhD holders, insurance experts and more. Content on the website covers everything from management to budgeting to law and taxes, and can help guide at every stage of business ownership, from choosing the right moment to start a business to creating an effective exit strategy.

The Balance and The Balance Careers also exist alongside The Balance Small Business, all as part of the same family. Together, three sites “deliver clear, practical, and straightforward personal financial advice to 19 million people each month,” according to The Balance Small Business.

For ECPs looking to get started as an independent, or to bolster their business, The Balance offers a wide variety of information catering to small business owners, managers and employees—an online library that has exactly what you’re looking for.