NEW YORK—Anyone running a small business knows that hundreds of tasks are required in the course of a week, thousands in the course of month. One task that can be managed with a better sense of control and efficiency is a Marketing Calendar. There are many online resources that can help in the organization of what’s done, so that programs and projects have planning components as well as implementation and even ROI components. One resource is CoSchedule, which helps organize all of your marketing in one place and from any place, which can streamline things.

The site provides a marketing calendar that can help you get underway, as well as a suite of marketing tools. It also offers demos and trial subscriptions.

Welcome has a range of work management software as well, with a range of products, from calendars to campaign planners and a group of resources at various price packages.

Evinex provides a range of support materials and ideas including hashtag suggestions and more.

From a content perspective, eyecare and eyewear and how your boutique or practice showcase these, offer a rich array of elements—and many of your suppliers and vendor partners can help you with these.

And from a “theme” point of view inspiration about traditional and fun or unusual holiday ideas, which can springboard much marketing can come from the fount of unique ideas from the legendary Chase’s Calendar of Events. You can order your own copy on Amazon. Publisher Rowman & Littlefield already has the 2022 Chase’s Calendar of Events ready to order now.