NEW YORK—Strategy is a creative and comprehensive Canadian service which helps indies in various sectors with “bold vision, and brand new ideas” marketing hacks and strategies from independent agencies who work with their clients on a range of solutions. Recently it posted “THE INDIE LIST” which takes a look at how top independent shops turned the “chaos” of the year into “creativity.” The Indie List post said, “Early on, in the face of unprecedented uncertainty, it was all about battening down the hatches and preparing for what came next. But it wasn’t long before our intrepid indies started to do what they do best, what they always do: adapt.

“But, for each, the response demonstrated the best attributes of the independent: flexibility, speed, adaptability and creativity. All the things you want in your team when you’re not entirely sure what you should do next, but you know you have to do something.”

What follows is a list of some of the best of those indies. Though, really, it’s less a list as it is a collection of stories; stories about how some of Canada’s most creative teams looked into the heart of chaos and thought: “Yeah, we can work with that.”

The pivots are from ad, marketing and PR agencies, but their ideas are great suggestions to indie retailers and clients. Read the ideas on The Indie List here