Family Matters for California-Based Brand Optometry

The staff at Brand Optometry think of themselves and their patients as an extended family.
GLENDALE, Calif.—Building and maintaining a network is important for anyone in any business, but not everyone can say they’ve turned their network into a family. For Brand Optometry, an independent practice in Glendale, California, however, family is at the center of everything. Brand Optometry calls themselves a family practice, and they mean it in every sense of the word, referring to their employees, patients and community as part of their extended family. The ability to do this is central to their being an independent practice, explained Ivon Jimenez, an optician at the practice.

She told Vision Monday, “As an independent, we realize we have more freedom to treat our patients like family. Normally when things get to a corporate level, they can be very stagnant and impersonal. Because of this, we continually strive to serve our community with grace and world class service. Brand Optometry is unique with the small things.”

 Staff and doctors at Glendale’s Brand Optometry.
 (L to R) Movses D’Janbatian, OD; Ida Sarajian, OD; and Bruce Hornstein, OD, at Brand Optometry.

It’s been this way since the beginning for Brand Optometry, which was founded in 1984 by Movses D’Janbatian, OD, and now includes Ida Sarajian, OD, Bruce Hornstein, OD, and Van Kochkarian, OD. Together, the four doctors and their team of staff sweat the small stuff to ensure their patients have the best experience possible, and leave feeling like a member of their extended family.

With four doctors and multiple exam rooms, the ODs at Brand Optometry can get a lot done. They offer an extensive frame collection, too, which features major names like Ray-Ban and Gucci, and smaller, independent frame manufacturers such as Tom Davies, Andy Wolf, iGreen, and l.a. Eyeworks side by side. This is all part of their commitment to be a space for everyone.

Alongside superior care, community presence is one of Brand Optometry’s strong points. The practice gets involved on every level possible, Jimenez explained. From “school programs to providing free eye exams and glasses to those in need, rehabilitation programs and offering free glasses and eye exams to people re-entering society,” to working their hardest with each patient to maximize insurance benefits, “it’s important to us to extend help in any way within our power,” Jimenez said.

In addition, the team at Brand Optometry knows how to have a little fun with their extended family—each year, they host a “Tour de Frames” event, curating a selection of frames from all around the world for their community to see. Jimenez also runs the practice’s Instagram account with co-worker Mike Rios, which features images of the store’s fun chalkboard messages, updates and behind-the-scenes looks at running an independent practice.

Through all of these channels, Brand Optometry has been able to build a family of their own in Glendale—and that pays off. In fact, Jimenez said, “the practice has grown to be one of the largest in Glendale, mostly through word of mouth,” and they attribute that, in large part, to how they treat their extended family. “Being a family practice affects us in the most positive way. Being independent means we can be flexible with our family, as well as family members (co-workers). We understand [while] being caring and helpful; it's appreciated and our family sees that,” Jimenez concluded.

Brand Optometry features an extensive stock of frames. Located in Glendale, California, Brand Optometry is known for its fun sidewalk signs. Van Kochkarian, OD, also has his own Instagram account.