By Andrew Karp: Group Editor, Lenses and Technology

SAN MARCOS, Calif.—Signet Armorlite is releasing Kodak Sun Lenses with NXT Technology.

The new line of Kodak Sun Lenses with NXT technology includes photochromic polarized, photochromic, polarized, mirror and fixed tint lenses available in both Kodak Unique Progressives and Signetek Processed Single Vision. These lenses fit a wide assortment of frames and are durable for rimless. They are made of Trivex material from PPG, which offers benefits in terms of durability, fatigue, and resistance to UV radiation. Demo lens kits can be purchased from Signet Armorlite.

“The addition of this line is to accommodate active patients with an even wider variety of prescription sunwear solutions, since recent studies show that protection against the damaging effects of the sun is more important than ever,” said Jan Kubiak, marketing manager for Signet Armorlite.

With the addition of Kodak Sun Lenses with NXT technology, the Kodak Unique Progressive, a digitally-created backside design, is now available in 50 lens materials.