DALLAS—Ahead of World Mental Health Day on Sunday, Oct. 10, Eyemart Express said it has strengthened its partnership with PeaceLove Foundation, a nonprofit organization that is changing how people talk about mental health. The move will expand access to mental wellness resources for Eyemart Express’s employees and customers, according to an announcement this week. The expansion includes the launch of a charitable eyeglasses collection that will expand access to mental wellness resources. With each purchase from the exclusive glasses collection, Eyemart Express will donate 15 percent of sales to PeaceLove to aid its mental health mission.

Eyemart Express is also supporting the mental health of its more than 2,200 associates and their family members with unlimited access to PeaceLove’s virtual workshops. The flexibility of the benefit enables the company’s associates to leverage the unique resource whenever they need mental health support or a tool to help them on their journey to create healthy habits.
“Our goal working with PeaceLove is to be part of the solution that removes any negative stigma that people may have around mental wellness,” said Katy Hanson, Eyemart Express’s vice president of planning and strategy. “If the last year has taught us anything, it is to prioritize our mental wellness, just like our eye health. With approachable, bright colors, our glasses collection with PeaceLove offers a fun yet beneficial way to raise awareness about this important cause and the organization’s resources that are easy for anyone to access.”  
The retailer noted that the number of people looking for help with anxiety and depression has increased 93 percent since 2019, according to a 2021 report from Mental Health America.
PeaceLove hosts virtual workshops through the online platform Scribl that demonstrates an easy, low-pressure way to find emotional relief through simple creative activities that foster a more joyful journey to peace of mind, the announcement noted. Workshops like Dual Emotions, Transformation Collages, and Colors of Me provide a safe space for participants to be vulnerable while also celebrating and empowering each other.  
The seven frames in the new collection are made of plastic and range from a trendy sleek and clear style to a bold, solid-color look to a technicolor design featuring a splash of colors and fun patterns. The frames start at $79.95.
Learn more about the Eyemart Express partnership with PeaceLove here.