HAUPPAUGE, New York—ClearVision Optical is launching its annual Faceboo contest for eyecare professionals. This year, the contest is in conjunction with the Pumpkin Patch Project. Through its proprietary brand Dilli Dalli pediatric eyewear, ClearVision is joining up with the Pumpkin Patch Project to spread awareness for amblyopia and vision impairment in children. ClearVision will make a monetary contribution in support of the Pumpkin Patch Project in addition to helping promote the project among ECPs and parents.

For the project, ClearVision asks parents to submit photos of their pumpkins decorated with patches or their kids wearing patches to help raise awareness. ClearVision will choose winners weekly, and each winner will receive a Dilli Dalli T-shirt and a Truffles the Kitty patching rubber ducky.

ECPs can get involved in the pumpkin decorating contest, too. ECPs can share pictures of their pumpkins with ClearVision on Facebook. Each photo will compete in one of three categories—Best Pumpkin Patch Pumpkin, Best Jack-o-lantern and Most Creative—and one prize will be awarded per category.

The Pumpkin Patch Project is a community event created by A Child’s Eyes to spread awareness about amblyopia and vision impairment in children. The Pennsylvania optical shop is dedicated to helping children and infants overcome visual impairments and helping children feel more comfortable wearing their patches. The project asks parents to patch one of the eyes of their jack-o'-lanterns and place them on their porch. Trick or treaters with amblyopia or other types of low vision will recognize the homes as “scary-free zones.”

Faceboo is ClearVision’s annual Halloween contest for ECPs. Each October, ClearVision asks ECPs to post selfies of their costumes to Facebook. The contest began over 10 years ago as a costume contest, but has since expanded to office décor and pets. This is the first year Faceboo will run in conjunction with and support of the Pumpkin Patch Project.