UHC Understanding the Link Between Pregnancy and Eye Health

An estimated one in six women experience complications associated with their pregnancy, including vision-related issues ranging from mild discomfort to vision loss, according to an newly released statistical analysis by United Healthcare.

To support the eye health and overall well-being of expectant and new mothers, UHC has introduced a new benefit program that expands access to recommended vision care before and after delivery. The new benefit provides UnitedHealthcare vision plan participants who are pregnant, postpartum or breastfeeding, with a second covered eye exam and an additional pair of glasses if their vision prescription changes 0.5 diopter or greater, at no additional cost. Because pregnancy can trigger vision changes that may pose a risk to a mother’s health and eyesight, this industry-leading enhancement provides important coverage for UnitedHealthcare vision plan participants.

The new maternity vision benefit is now available to people enrolled in employer-sponsored UnitedHealthcare vision plans across the country.

A similarly structured benefit for UnitedHealthcare vision plan participants up to age 13 has helped families across the country since introduction in 2018, enabling thousands of children to access a second covered eye exam and pair of glasses if their eyesight changes by 0.5 diopter or more during the year.

Both programs are part of UnitedHealthcare’s whole-person approach to care. For instance, employees with both UnitedHealthcare medical benefits and specialty plans can benefit from Bridge2Health, an integrated health benefits program that uses data to enable clinical interventions and monitor care effectiveness, helping stay ahead of health events and connecting the dots to better health.

“More employers are adopting an integrated approach to health care benefits, with access to quality, evidence-based eyecare playing an important part in supporting employees’ overall well-being,” said John Ryan, general manager, UnitedHealthcare Vision. “With the addition of this pro-consumer benefit for expectant and new mothers, we are building upon a holistic approach to medical and specialty benefits that encourages health and more effectively manages costs for employers and individuals.”

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