The Most Hated Office Jargon

Most people working in an office have come across at least one of these at some point, and most will have cringed inside upon encountering them. It might be a British thing, but hearing the following word combination is not a pleasant experience: touch base. Indeed, 24 percent of respondents to the latest Glassdoor survey in the U.K. said that they were annoyed by this particular example of office jargon. Quite far behind in second place was the classic 'no-brainer' with 14 percent.

Further down on 9 percent, and getting a tad more niche is 'lipstick on a pig', meaning to try to improve a bad idea or product with only superficial changes. On 8 percent is 'let's get our ducks in a row', a needlessly abstract way of saying you need to be prepared for something.

“Although it’s hard to avoid saying all of these phrases, employees should be aware of overusing jargon which can often be confusing and undermine your credibility,” said John Lamphiere, Glassdoor’s managing director, EMEA. “Every company and team will have its own culture, and although terms such as ‘low hanging fruit’ and ‘no brainer’ may seem pretty commonplace, they should be used sparingly to avoid putting off your colleagues. Keeping your language clear and specific will result in you and your teammates consistently delivering the very best work possible.”

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