Millennials and the Agile Workplace

Asure, a company that makes workplace management software, has studied Millennials and their expectations of employers and work environments. They emphasize the importance that Millennials place in “workplace agility,” a concept that links digital solutions, physical space and company culture to employee output. They note that Millennials expect flex policies including:

• Flexible start and end times with scheduled breaks
• Part-year work & compressed work weeks (i.e. working four 10-hour days, rather than five 8-hour days)
• Part-time work & job sharing
• Phased retirement
• Telework, alternative work sites and autonomy

Anti-cubicle millennials are looking to work in a modern environment with:
• Functional Break Areas
• Collaboration Spaces
• Team Meeting Spaces
• Aesthetically Pleasing Décor
• Open Floor Plans (with Private Areas)
• Telephone Conversation Spaces
• Concentration Spaces
• Exercise Spaces
• Wi-Fi
• Stocked Kitchens

A Gallup poll found that agile work places with engaged employees have 21 percent higher productivity and 22 percent higher profitability.

The accompanying infographic offers more insights into Millennials and the agile workplace.

Source: Gallup, Asure