A new study found that Hawaiians get the least amount of sleep in America. Amerisleep, an award-winning producer of mattresses, beds, and sleep accessories, investigated sleep behaviors for all 50 states and the District of Columbia. The company discovered that 43 percent of people in Hawaii get less than seven hours of sleep per night. The study, which analyzed County Health Rankings & Roadmaps data for more than 3,000 counties across the U.S., also found that Hawaii’s Honolulu County ranks as the fourth most sleep deprived county, behind Mingo in West Virginia, McCreary in Kentucky, and Greene in Alabama.

Among the study’s other key findings:

  • West Virginia was tied highest with Hawaii for the state receiving the least amount of sleep, with 43 percent of the population receiving less than seven hours of sleep.

  • Kentucky has the third largest percentage of their population getting an insufficient amount of sleep at 42 percent.

  • Fourth place on the list of America’s states getting less than the recommended amount of sleep goes to Ohio, where 41 percent of their population is sleep poor.

  • Tennessee is the second Southern state in the top ten placing in joint fourth with Ohio. In both states, 41 percent of the population need more sleep each night to get to seven hours.

  • At the other end of the scale, Minnesota has the highest population getting a sufficient amount of sleep, where just 29 percent of the state’s population gets less than seven hours sleep. Vermont is home to the second-best sleepers on the list, where 30 percent of the population get an insufficient amount of sleep.

  • South Dakota shares the same percentage of population receiving insufficient amounts of sleep as Vermont, with 30 percent of the state’s population getting less than seven hours each night.

  • Colorado also has lower numbers of people getting insufficient amounts of sleep, sharing the same percentage as South Dakota and Vermont, at 30 percent of their population.

  • West Virginia is home to the most sleep deprived county in the U.S., where Mingo has 49 percent of their population getting less than seven hours sleep.

  • Kentucky shares the crown with West Virginia for having the most tired county in America, where they have McCreary also having 49 percent of their population receiving an insufficient amount of sleep.

  • Alabama has the third most sleep-deprived county, where Greene has 48 percent of their population not getting the recommended amount of sleep. The state of Alabama placed sixth on the list for states receiving the least amount of sleep.
Commenting on the study, April Mayer of Amerisleep said, “America is full of hard workers, so it’s fascinating to see which major state gets the most amount of sleep. Even in the states where more people are sleeping at least seven hours a night, there are still at least three in ten who aren’t reaching the recommended level. This data reveals just how sleep-deprived the U.S. is, and that there are still plenty of people across the country who would benefit from more sleep.”