Forecast Projects Faster-than-Expected Growth for LinkedIn Among U.S. Adults

NEW YORK—According to the latest eMarketer forecast, LinkedIn will grow faster than previously expected. The research firm noted that in 2020 it expects there will be 62.1 million adult LinkedIn users in the United States. This group is expected to increase 4.2 percent in 2021 to 64.7 million adult users, according to the forecast published last week.

By the end of the forecasting period in 2023, eMarketer said it expects there to be 68.8 million LinkedIn users.

“LinkedIn users make up about a third of all social network users in the U.S., and that will stay approximately the same for the next few years,” the research firm noted. “Revenues on the business social platform continue to grow, with most coming from B2B advertisers. This year, LinkedIn will see $1.59 billion in ad revenues, growing another 11.2 percent to $1.77 billion in 2021.”

LinkedIn continues to innovate its platform and offerings for both users and advertisers, according to eMarketer principal analyst Jillian Ryan, who is the author of an upcoming report on LinkedIn, which will be published later this month.

“Although, when compared with social platforms like Facebook and Instagram, LinkedIn can be considered a slower follow, the social network has recently launched features like LinkedIn Live and Events," she said. "While these new experiences aren’t unique to LinkedIn, the use cases for professional audiences can be differentiators for maintaining current users and attracting new ones.”

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