Corporate Optometrists Reveal Their Saturday Work Schedules

One of the most common misconceptions in corporate optometry is that all corporate ODs work Saturdays. Corporate opticals typically see the largest volume of patients on Saturdays, thus requiring their ODs to provide coverage for that day.

Recently in the Corporate Optometry Facebook group, Maria Sampalis, OD, surveyed the members of this group to see the actual percentage in the industry.

“The results of the poll showed that not all corporate ODs work every Saturday,” said Dr. Sampalis. She found that 68 percent of respondents said they work every Saturday; 29 percent said they don’t work every Saturday; the remaining 3 percent said they subcontract someone else to work Saturdays.

“Some work alternating weekends, some might hire an associate to work for them, while others, like some of the ODs that sublease at Walmart, might not work a Saturday because of the demographics of their patient, but might have later hours during the week to accommodate their patients,” Dr. Sampalis observed.

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