Consumers Are Influenced by Brands on Social

eMarketer’s Rimma Kats observes that more brands are using social platforms like Pinterest and Instagram to encourage consumers to not only discover new products, but also buy them. That approach seems to be paying off, she notes, citing a July 2019 study from rating and review marketing company Yotpo.

“Unsurprisingly, younger consumers are more likely to take to social commerce,” says Kats. “More than 55 percent of Gen Z U.S. internet users—who do half of their fashion shopping online—said their most recent fashion purchases were inspired by social media browsing. And nearly as many millennials said the same.”

The accompanying infographic shows that while their older cohorts may have not been as enthused, a significant number of Gen Xers (38.1 percent) and baby boomers (27.5 percent) said they’ve also recently made a fashion purchase after being inspired on social.