Santinelli Launches Top-of-Line ME-1500 Lens Edger

Top Line: Santinelli International is releasing a new flagship multifunction edger, the ME-1500. Created for wholesale labs and retail ECPs who are looking for differentiation and higher-level eyewear customization, the ME-1500 delivers the most complex and sophisticated eyewear to the highest level of quality standards with ease, the company said.

Close Up: The ME-1500 offers “the highest level of comprehensive technology to deliver expert lens edging,” according to Santinelli. The unit’s expanded features include 15 percent faster processing, high performance, high base curve function with auto presets, automatic 3D drilling and grooving, safety beveling, standard & polish, step and partial step bevel processing, multi-beveling with auto presets, mini beveling, advanced Shape Edit Mode, partial grooving and beveling, Design Cut, faceting, Click Mode processing.

The ME-1500 pairs seamlessly with Nidek’s peripheral products like blockers and tracers, ensuring stable data management and workflow.

Vital Stats: The exclusive processing mechanism results in a high percentage of one-cut fit accuracy and delivers edging like a master craftsman. With an ergonomic, compact design, proprietary Super-Fit Software, plus a colorful LCD touch screen, it gives the operator a masterful command of all the functions. 800) 644-EDGE(3343), option 1.

Satisloh Launches New AR Coating to Eliminate Foggy Lenses

Top Line: Satisloh Fog-Free is the company’s solution to eliminating the annoying issue of foggy eyeglasses. Fog-Free consists of two elements: a new coating process for Satisloh vacuum box coaters and pre-treated consumer microfiber cloths, which activate the anti-fog functionality. Demand for this product has increased during the COVID-19 pandemic, since face masks have become an essential part of daily life and eyeglass wearers face the challenge of their lenses fogging up continually.

Close Up: The new process for Satisloh box coaters is applied to both sides of lenses during antireflective (AR) coating. These coated lenses are ready for the initial activation of the antifog effect, which can be done either in the lab or at the optician.

The second element of Fog-Free is a pre-treated microfiber cloth, which can be used daily to activate the anti-fog functionality. Activation is simple: just like a common microfiber cleaning cloth, wipe the front and backsides of lenses and the anti-fog effect is reactivated. One cloth typically lasts up to three months before it needs replacing.

The combination of the Fog-Free coating process and the activation cloth’s Fog-Free substance results in a superior and long lasting anti-fog effect that outperforms conventional anti-fog sprays and wipes.

Vital Stats: The benefits of Satisloh Fog-Free include:

• Superior product performance Fog-Free lenses feature outstanding anti-fog properties and state-of-the-art antireflective coating on both the front and back side of the lens. And they are easy to clean as well.

• Time-efficient in the lab because Fog-Free is applied during AR coating, no extra processing steps are needed, saving time and optimizing lab productivity.

• Increased revenue offering Fog-Free coated lenses gives labs and eyecare professionals new revenue sources: the Fog-Free coating itself as well as the corresponding activation cloths that need to be replaced regularly.

• Minimum production interruption. A Satisloh technician can easily and quickly install the new coating process on labs’ existing Satisloh vacuum coaters like 1200-DLX-2 and MC-380-X, minimizing production interruption.

• No hardware or extra consumable investments. All Satisloh 1200-DLX-2 and MC-380-X coaters with standard configurations have the hardware necessary to run the Satisloh Fog-Free coating process. No additional hardware changes are needed. The process does not require any new consumables, just the Fog-Free coating process and activation cloths.

• Wide process versatility. Satisloh Fog-Free not only works on Rx-lenses, but also on sunglasses, sport lenses, visors, and more.

• Initial activation flexibility. Activating Fog-Free coated lenses can be done any time after edging and glazing.

To find out more about how you can produce anti-fog coatings in-house with Satisloh FogFree and create a new business opportunity for your lab, visit