Solving problems within the Maui Jim Rx lab does not happen within a vacuum. It takes a team to identify the problem and then work together to find the solution, according to Paul Ponder, vice president, Rx lab operations for the popular sunglass brand.

A case in point: the Maui Jim lab team discovered that the alloy surface blocks were not being consistently cleaned enough to ensure they seated properly into the automated blockers, generators and polishers to ensure the best quality.

“The team knew this was a problem and together they researched several options, considering cost and efficiency, as well as the effectiveness of what the results needed to be,” Ponder told VM. “They tested several methods and landed on a process that met all the criteria. A simple yet effective process was put into place to ensure all blocks recycled through a vibrating system using a certain plastic medium that would clean all blocks of any polish residue.

“Eighty to 100 blocks go into the vibrator at a time for less than 10 minutes and are retrieved completely cleaned. This solved the problem, reducing errors that occurred due to blocks not seating properly while helping to reduce breakage.”

Summing up the process, Ponder said, “This is a low-cost solution that the team came up with that proved to be effective and efficient.”

- Andrew Karp