Dr. Ken Krivacic Joins Faculty for ‘Demystifying Private Equity’


NEW YORK—Ken Krivacic, OD, MBA, has joined the faculty of presenters for “Demystifying Private Equity and Its Role in Optometry.” This series of symposia is produced by Review of Optometric Business and is sponsored by leading PE-based companies that invest in optometry. The first symposium is slated for Dallas on July 20. The second is slated for Chicago on August 24. The program is geared toward OD-owners, associates and office managers. Click here to register.

Dr. Krivacic joins Richard Edlow, OD, as a presenter. Together, they will lead participants through a “boot camp” on the workings and timelines of PE-based practice acquisitions and how an OD-owner can maximize their return for such a transition. Further, Drs. Krivacic and Edlow will conduct a practice valuation workshop that generates estimated sale prices, and they will explain the documentation required in an ownership transfer.

Participants will learn the strategies of PE-backed investors, and will be taught how to compute their practice value, how to negotiate a transfer deal and how to prepare documents for transfer. Following a half-day of presentations, participants have the option to schedule one-on-one meetings with representatives of PE-backed companies that are sponsoring the event. These include: Acuity Eyecare GroupEyecare Partners, LLC; Kavanaugh Consulting, LLC; myeyedr.,Total ECP; and VSP Ventures.

Dr. Krivacic is founder and CEO of Las Colinas Family Eyecare, located in Irving, Texas. He also is president of First Vision, an OD alliance based in North Texas. He is a frequent contributor to Review of Optometric Business on practice management topics.

Dr. Edlow, known as “The Eyeconomist,” is co-owner of Cantonsville Eye Group. He formerly was CEO of a large MD/OD practice that sold to a PE-backed firm. He has authored numerous reports and speaks frequently on the economics of the optometric practice.