What’s New: SeeGreen lens and screen cleaning solution is the latest addition for Hilco Vision in their sustainable solutions portfolio. Green Seal Verification confirms that a raw material meets the chemical-specific requirements of Green Seal’s stringent certification standards. This makes OptiPlus powered by SeeGreen the first and only lens care brand certified by Green Seal.
What’s Green: OptiPlus powered by SeeGreen solution is packaged with recycled and recyclable bottles in four different sizes. Customizing options are also available to eyecare professionals. According to Bob Woyton, senior director of product development for Hilco Vision, “Hilco Vision recognizes there are no shortcuts to sustainable products. Our drive was knowing the result would enable our customers to take another step on the road to products that are better for our planet. That’s extremely satisfying to the Hilco Vision team.” 
What to Know: Green Seal verification for SeeGreen lens cleaner is a key element of the Hilco Vision Sustainability Plan which focuses on continuous improvement in product, human factors, and the company’s infrastructure in support of eyecare professionals and their patients. Green Seal has certified thousands of products, services, and spaces from hundreds of leading companies and is specified by countless schools, government agencies, businesses and institutions.
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