What’s New: Bajío has made lenses for readers available in all of its sustainable frame styles. The brand’s clear, polarized and blue-light blocking readers are designed to magnify the user’s visual experience. Created for anglers who don’t require prescription sunglasses but would like more focal power for tying knots and reading electronics, Bajio’s readers offer both magnification and superior fish spotting in one lens. Bajío Readers are available in every full-wrap frame style and increase four different lens options by three magnification powers. 
What’s Green: Bajio’s readers are built by hand in New Smyrna Beach, Fla. and shipped within 48 hours. These readers are fully customizable in all of Bajío’s frames that are made from plant-based nylon which degrades quickly and is gentler on our oceans after being disposed of.
What to Know: Bajío Readers are available in polycarbonate lens options green mirror, blue mirror, rose mirror and gray, and magnification powers of +1.50, +2.00 & +2.50. Every lens features durable anti-scratch properties and oleophobic coatings, which make sunscreen and water easy to remove. In addition, these lenses feature the brand’s proprietary blue light  blocking LAPIS technology.