LUND, Sweden—TFS HealthScience, a global contract research organization, announced a strategic acquisition of Appletree CI Group to enhance the company's existing expertise in the fields of ophthalmology and medical devices, while simultaneously expanding geographic reach for clients. "We are proud to partner with Appletree as we continue to provide our clients with in-depth, comprehensive knowledge and therapeutic expertise, particularly in the field of ophthalmology," said Bassem Saleh, CEO of TFS HealthScience. "This acquisition, and others in the pipeline, are a clear indicator of the growth and success of TFS.

"The partnership with Appletree will have a measurable impact on better treatments for patients and company growth, establishing a new presence in Switzerland and additional presence in Poland, Belgium, Hungary and the U.K," Saleh said. 

The strategic acquisition of Appletree will complement TFS HealthScience's mission to be a market leader in ophthalmology research, according to the company. In a targeted business shift toward ophthalmology expertise, the company launched its elite site network initiative and site liaison services, which will shift the industry's approach to ophthalmology clinical trial delivery.

"Today is a significant milestone for our company as we finalize our first acquisition in ophthalmology, establishing clear leadership in a niche industry where expertise is highly valued, as clinical trials and strategy for ophthalmology indications are held to specific rules and regulations," said Marcia Swank, vice president of TFS HealthScience's ophthalmology business unit.

The two companies will now offer clients complementary and expanded service offerings, including a specialized therapeutic focus in ophthalmology with an increased global footprint.

"We are thrilled to be joining the TFS HealthScience family," said Georg Mathis, president and CEO of Appletree. "As one of the primary clinical service providers in Europe with in-depth knowledge of the complex medical devices and ophthalmology industry, we are prepared to exceed the expectations of our clients and patients."

Appletree CI Group was founded in 2013 following the merger of Clinical Investigations and Appletree AG. The company is focused on five primary business areas; in addition to ophthalmology and medical devices, they have expertise in the fields of dermatology, pediatric trials and regulatory affairs.