Optician Sheena Taff on How Industry Insiders Affect Consumers’ Decisions


Sheena Taff, licensed managing optician at Roberts & Brown Opticians and known on Instagram as @optician.about.town believes that influencers who are directly involved with the optical industry whether they are optometrists, opticians or industry insiders often have a big effect on consumer decisions “as they are viewed to have more knowledge and can share personal experience with the products.”

Taff explained that consumers are looking for content that is less like a traditional ad and has noticed a shift in consumer perception when it comes to the types of influencers that consumers are most likely to engage with. When it comes to influencers with massive followers who might not have direct ties to the products they are selling, the notion that they have less experience makes their campaigns come across as less authentic.

“I think it’s important for influencers to have a defined mission statement. A set of guidelines for what you believe in and what products you are most passionate about. You will garner more authentic influence and have better value to a brand if your values fall in line with theirs,” Taff said.

The role that influencers have taken on in marketing to consumers has caused brands to change the ways in which they engage with their audiences.

Taff added, “It’s like having a giant focus group at their fingertips, one that can give them real time feedback. Influencers can engage with consumers and offer that feedback to the brand. A connection and conversation with the influencer, is more personal. It also gives smaller brands the opportunity to get their products out there for a small investment.”