BERLIN—Following the earlier announcement that Mykita would partner with Eastman to make a complete pivot to sustainable acetate, the two brands have released a short film showcasing molecular recycling and Eastman’s Acetate Renew. The film highlights the quality of Acetate Renew, and showcases the Mykita Haus manufacturing facility in Berlin. The film is also a showcase for one of Eastman's molecular recycling technologies and partly uses CGI to visualize the process through which previously hard-to-recycle plastics are broken down to the molecular level in order to form recycled acetate in the same quality as traditional acetate. This makes it possible to actively divert material waste from landfills, incinerators or ending up in the ocean.

Harun Güler directed the joint production between Mykita and Eastman, working with producer Stink Rising. It was shot at the Mykita Haus in Berlin and in nearby natural surroundings.

The short film is available to watch online here. The Mykita Acetate collection will be showcased at Silmo Paris this weekend and will be available from the end of September.