JACKSONVILLE, Fla.—Marco Ophthalmic, a leading ophthalmic technology company, and Hoya Vision Care, a global leader in lens technology, announced yesterday that they will work together to provide customized offers that are tailored to the needs of individual independent eyecare practitioners. For over 50 years, Marco has specialized in practice management, patient throughput, and productivity by leveraging their full suite of automated refractive and diagnostic devices, classical lane equipment and dry eye solutions. Hoya Vision Care has a presence in over 50 countries, providing proven expertise in lens designs and freeform surfacing technology combined with leading high performance, quality AR coatings. Hoya also offers programs to meet the specific needs of independent eyecare practitioners, such as the Visionary Alliance loyalty program, the Hoya Hub, and the Hoya Learning Center.
As a result of the collaboration between the two companies, eyecare practitioners will receive “complete complimentary consultations in both the technology and lens spaces, program discounts, and unparalleled support from both Marco and Hoya Vision Care,” according to the announcement. Jocelyn Hamilton, head of sales and vice president/general manager for Marco Ophthalmic, commented, “After observing the evolution of the rapidly-changing eyecare industry, we wanted to offer independent eyecare practitioners a ‘total solutions’ option. By partnering with Hoya, we are able to create customized, tailored offers and loyalty programs at specialty pricing, further inspiring growth for our customers.”

Patrick McCarthy, Hoya’s vice president of sales for independent eyecare, commented, “We are very happy to work with key partner Marco Ophthalmic to bring unique solutions designed to support our customers’ needs. Their expertise and strength in equipment and solutions to drive the patient exam is the perfect match for our lens solutions for the best possible vision for the patient.”
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