JACKSONVILLE, Fla.—Advancing Eyecare (AEC), a partnership of companies in the eyecare instrumentation and equipment marketplace, and a provider of ophthalmic instruments, has announced that two of its leading business units, Marco Healthcare and Lombart Healthcare, will combine to form a new business named Marco Lombart. Effective July 1, 2024, Marco Lombart will offer a broad portfolio of eyecare equipment, products and services, as well as advanced technologies, the announcement stated. The combination will also bring together two teams to create a unified sales force with extensive eyecare experience and expertise, as well as knowledge of Marco Lombart’s range of new and pre-owned solutions.

According to AEC, the unified sales force will be led by industry veterans from both legacy organizations. Lombart’s Kevin Williams will serve as president of the new Marco Lombart, and Marco’s Jocelyn Hamilton has been promoted to a new position as AEC’s president of corporate and strategic accounts. They will report to Maureen Cavanagh, who will continue as AEC’s chief sales officer.

“Practices and practitioners are facing more pressure than ever to meet increasing consumer demand while maintaining or even elevating their standards of care,” Williams said. “By combining our portfolio, distribution capabilities and consultative expertise as Marco Lombart, we can better support each professional customer’s business and economic goals.”

“We aim to be a transformational partner for practices, equipping them to deliver modern care in an increasingly competitive marketplace,” Hamilton said. “Instruments and technology play a critical role in realizing that vision, and there are a lot of options to consider. As a combined entity, Marco Lombart can bring simplicity and clarity to help customers make the right investments, empowering them to be their unique best.”

Every Marco Lombart customer relationship will continue to be backed by the resources of Advancing Eyecare, according to the announcement, which provides installation, preventive maintenance, repair and protection plans as well as financing programs. In addition, Marco Lombart will continue providing access to its network of manufacturer-trained service technicians.

“Marco Lombart was born from all the right reasons of improving care,” said Jim McGrann, chief executive officer of Advancing Eyecare. “We’re bringing together two of our industry powerhouses to create a direct and efficient experience that ultimately will help practices and eyecare practitioners better serve their patients. Our name is our mission, and we’re achieving that by combining our two largest brands.”