Indie Rules

Unique Points of View From Successful Independents


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NEW YORK—Sometimes bigger isn’t always better. Just ask the dozens of independent optical retailers Vision Monday has been profiling since we launched our newest e-newsletter, The Independent Eye, last year. Over and over, retailers and eyecare professionals take pride in the power of their independence, which allows them the freedom to go above and beyond by developing and nurturing their own home-grown brands.

More than anything, these retailers and optometric practices feel the need to set themselves apart from the rest of the “retail pack”—and they find ingenious and creative ways to make this happen. Whether it be through community involvement, building relationships with patients or finding that high-quality luxury niche, these indies are each successful in their own right.

Some use social media while others stake their fortunes on solid reputations and years of service. But however they get there, the bottom line is these small businesses get to call their own shots, which often results in a winning formula. In this exclusive VM feature, we’ve selected a few examples of retailers who are taking their businesses to the next level. We hope you enjoy their stories.

—Mary Kane