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SmallBizDaily Specializes in Tips for Keeping Small Businesses in the Game
NEW YORK—SmallBizDaily is an excellent resource for independents who are looking for “ideas, insights, information and inspiration for entrepreneurs,” according to the company’s tagline. Information on sales and marketing, technology, startups, management, money and other retail trends for small businesses are available via Co-founders Rieva Lesonsky and Maria Valdez Haubrich, formerly of Entrepreneur Magazine, combine their decades of experience reading and writing about entrepreneurship enabling the duo to share their unique take on the world of small business. Here are a few examples of features that can help independents run a profitable and efficient business with an eye toward growth.

4 Ways Artificial Intelligence Will Impact Sales
As we enter a new decade, businesses are increasingly turning to artificial intelligence (AI) to improve operations, specifically in sales. According to Gartner, 37 percent of organizations have implemented some form of AI. It is quickly moving from a foreign concept to a must-have for businesses wanting to remain competitive. According to a 2019 survey by Dresner Advisory Services, marketing and sales prioritize AI more than any other department. There is enormous potential for AI to continue to grow in sales. We have already begun to see it drive more empowerment for sales, but it is only beginning. 2020 is going to be a massive year for companies looking to start their journey with AI in sales. Businesses that make AI part of their selling process will gain incredible advantages over their competition.

3 Tips for Making Your Business Look Inviting
Many people spend just as much time at work as they do in their homes. Therefore, your office space should be inviting and comfortable. This also applies to clients, volunteers, and other visitors who may frequent your office building. The more inviting your business looks, the more business you will attract, whether you regularly entertain clients or just need to accommodate employees. Making your business inviting encourages employees and clients to feel comfortable there, which will increase their trust in you and your services. For helpful tips to make your business look inviting go to for design strategies.

How Much Does It Cost to Start a Business?
So, you’re an aspiring entrepreneur with a killer business idea and plenty of hustle. You know you’ve got the skills and the ambition to succeed. You might even have found the right business partner. All you need is some start-up cash. But … how much? How much will it really cost to start your business and keep it running while you build your revenue stream? You can consult surveys and census data to get an idea of the “average” cost to start a small business, but your start-up doesn’t have to be average. You need a budget for your business. Here’s how to make one:

Press Play: Why The Future Is Video
NEW YORK—The digital experts at Omnicore, an award-winning health care digital marketing agency, has pulled together some compelling info and statistics about the growing influence of video to promote businesses of all sizes and types as it is increasingly connecting with today’s customers. Omnicore posts, “Video has quickly become one of the most popular types of content on the internet. And it’s not hard to understand why. Video excites and engages people like few other types of content, whether they’re consuming entertainment, news, sports or branded messaging.

“Video has the power to bring people together, to engage and teach them, to create cultural conversations. That’s why savvy digital marketers know video is a crucial component of a broad content strategy. Blog posts, social media and white papers are all well and good, but if the current trends hold up, the future of marketing, and maybe the internet itself, will be video.

“Today’s marketer is already catching on to the need for video, and with this infographic, we’ll explore why those who haven’t embraced video should want to do so soon or risk being left behind.”