With the cost of living rising dramatically around the world in 2022, many households are starting to look nervously at their bank balance. After two years of a pandemic which proved particularly bruising for those working in certain industries, rising inflation is now adding insult to injury. 

Of the countries surveyed by Statista for the Global Consumer Survey, Russia stood out the most. There, with extensive international sanctions hitting the economy hard due to the invasion of Ukraine, a majority of 52 percent of the adults surveyed said they are worried about their financial future.

As the Statista infographic shows, South Africa, Brazil and Spain weren't too far behind, registering results in the mid-forties. Roughly a third of adults responding in the U.S., India, Germany and the United Kingdom professed to having concerns about their financial situation going forward. 

As much as Russia stands out at the top of the scale, China is conspicuous in its almost-absence from the ranking—there, just 16 percent said they are currently worried. Click here to read the full story.