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Zeiss’ Integrated Diagnostic Images Offers Multi-Modality Care

By Staff

Wednesday, October 10, 2018 12:11 AM

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Product: Integrated Diagnostic Imaging from Zeiss
Top Line: Integrated Diagnostic Imaging from Zeiss gives the user control of how data is combined and presented, helping to transform how multi-modality information can be used to more effectively and efficiently manage care. It offers a one-click solution to retina disease diagnosis and management, according to Zeiss.
Close Up: Zeiss describes its Integrated Diagnostic Imaging platform as “the next leap in software-driven imaging solutions.” The platform combines and presents critical information from multiple Zeiss devices into a single integrated point of view, harnessing the power of perimetry, OCT/OCT angiography and an ultra-widefield fundus camera. Zeiss Integrated Diagnostic Imaging creates a single unified approach for more informed treatment decisions critical to patient care.
Vital Stats:
The Integrated Diagnostic Imaging platform for retina:
• Provides targeted visualizations of pathologies
• Synchronizes views across visits
• Optimizes treatment plans
• Offers at-a-glance visit history charts and clinical events
• Allows for more effective detection, tracking, and management

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