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What Are You Wearing?: Eye Spy Optical, Chicago, Illinois

By Jamie Wilson
Monday, February 12, 2018 12:20 AM

Deborah Yambrick (L to R)

Debbi has been in the optical industry for almost 20 years. While she studied biology in college and intended to work in the medical field, she began a part-time job as an optician and that turned into a full-time career.

She owns two pairs of glasses and two pairs of sunglasses.

FRAMES / Francis Klein, Pagne laminated green-patterned silk with Swarovski crystals

LENSES / Shamir Autograph III

“I love the color and the sparkle, and I love cat eyes!”

Alissa Fields

Alissa has been in the industry for 20 years. Since she was young, she’s wanted to start her own business, and Eye Spy Optical came into being after many fruitless searches for red and purple glasses. When living in Louisville, Ky., she had a full-time job, worked evenings and weekends at an optical shop, began studying for the national opticianry exam and wrote her business plan. She started Eye Spy Optical in August 1998 and has stuck to her vision of “providing custom, colorful, handmade eyewear, sunwear and expert guidance in a living-room atmosphere.”

She owns 40 pairs of glasses and 15 pairs of sunglasses.

FRAMES / Niloca, Gaston frame in baby blue and pink.

LENSES / Hoya Sync 8

“They are extremely comfortable. The design is unique, the colors are surprisingly neutral and I get a ton of compliments on the frame every time I wear it.”

Clara Walker

While Clara has worked in jewelry and accessories for 15 years, she got her start in optical about three years ago.

She owns eight pairs of glasses and two pairs of sunglasses.

FRAMES / Anne et Valentin Press Color#1552

Hoya Sync 8

“I love my Anne et Valentin frames because they are the most comfortable glasses in my collection. The hinge details are so pretty, and the color is gorgeous.”

Hillary Schweihs, OD

Hillary Schweihs, OD, completed optometry school in 2013. She has always been interested in eyes, and it runs in the family as her uncle and grandfather were both optometrists.

She owns six pairs of glasses and four pairs of sunglasses.

FRAMES / Kirk & Kirk, Cady K3

LENSES / Single vision lenses with AR

“I love this frame because it’s fun and funky. The color is so vibrant and I love the chunky frame.”
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