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Vivior Closed Financing Round with Private Investors from Europe and U.S.

By Staff
Monday, July 16, 2018 12:15 AM

ZURICH—Vivior, a Swiss digital health start-up based here, reported that it recently closed a financing round with private investors from Europe and the U.S. With multiple millions of U.S. dollars raised, it will finalize the currently running clinical study to assess the usability of their system and measure market acceptance, the company said in a statement. Based on these results, Vivior said it will register the system in Europe and the U.S. to make it available to clinics, surgeons and patients.

Vivior describes its technology as “A novel wearable system [that] collects daily activity data from patients, processes these data in the cloud and analyses patient’s lifestyle patterns using machine-learning algorithms. This combination of data enables surgeons to offer optimal personalized solutions to their patients leading to active patient engagement and increased patient satisfaction.”

Vivior’s system, which it calls the Visual Behavior Monitor, consists of sensors measuring distance, ambient light and color, an acelerometer, a gyroscope and a magnetometer with a low-energy Bluetooth interface. It is worn on prescription or clear glasses and the data is uploaded to the cloud for processing and analysis.
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