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Valeo and Ellcie Health to Develop Smart Glass for Driving

By Staff 
Tuesday, March 27, 2018 12:21 AM

PARIS—Valeo, an automotive supplier and technology company based here, has signed a partnership agreement with start-up Ellcie Healthy, with the aim of accelerating the development of smart connected eyeglasses for driving. Valeo is already active in the field, having introduced smart anti-glare glasses that synchronize with vehicle headlights. Now, it is partnering with Ellcie Healthy to capitalize on the start-up's expertise in eyewear with integrated sensors. Teams from both companies will be working together, combining Valeo's experience in connected vehicles with Ellcie Healthy's knowledge of smart glasses. The goal of the partnership is to accelerate development of new vehicle applications, leading for example to improved road safety, more comfortable driving and enhanced human-machine interfaces, Valeo said in a statement.
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