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Shamir Insight to Offer Only 100 Percent Digital Freeform Lenses

By Staff
Friday, June 2, 2017 12:21 AM

SAN DIEGO—Shamir Insight is eliminating all molded products from its lens line and moving to 100 percent digital, Freeform lenses beginning July 1, 2017.

The San Diego-based company released a statement saying it no longer feels it’s appropriate to support “old technology.” Shamir said it will only offer semi-finished single vision lenses, focusing solely on advanced Freeform designs,” which the company said are “smarter, faster and more precise.”

“Eliminating molded products from our offering was an easy decision for us,” explained Raanan Naftalovich, CEO, Shamir Insight, referring to the company’s Genesis, Creation, Piccolo, Attitude and Office brands. “Labs and eyecare practitioners see an overall cost savings with less quality issues, and patients receive better customization and overall clearer fields of vision. Semi-finished PALs limit us to standard designs for every patient, and as a company we’ve set higher standards for ourselves. Our goal is to provide the most advanced customized solutions and removing ourselves from molded products allows us to do exactly that. As our technology and lens solutions advance it makes perfect sense to discontinue designs that are not the best solutions for patients.”

Shamir’s Freeform designs include Autograph III, Attitude Sport and Fashion, Autograph II, InTouch, Spectrum +, WorkSpace, Computer and Relax.

Mark Becker, vice president of marketing and strategic partnership for Shamir Insight, said these designs are “complex and dynamic by nature, and use new control technology and patient customization.” The Freeform designs incorporate various proprietary technologies such as EyePoint Technology III, Natural Posture, IntelliCorridor, As-Worn Quadro and Direct Lens Technology, he said.
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