Vision Monday


Seeing Growth Potential for Multifocal Contacts

By Staff

Monday, May 14, 2018 3:24 PM

NEW YORK—As progressive addition lenses gained in popularity over the years, contact lens manufacturers followed suit with multifocal designs of their own. The task proved to be challenging, and early designs were difficult to fit and adapt to. Today’s designs are much improved, and the multifocal market has enjoyed steady growth in recent years, as manufacturers have improved the optics and materials of the lenses. Many brands are competing for this lucrative segment of the vision correction market, and ongoing research and development by manufacturers continues to produce new products on a regular basis. This special feature from VM’s May issue features a sampling of the latest designs from some of the top multifocal contact lens brands, along with comments from eyecare practitioners who prescribe and dispense these lenses. Read More.

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