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National Sunglasses Day: Throwing Shade on UV Rays

By Stephanie Sengwe
Monday, June 19, 2017 12:00 AM
NEW YORK—National Sunglasses Day is only a week away. The event, held annually on June 27, aims to bring awareness to the harmful effects of the sun’s UV rays and encourages the optical community to stress the importance of wearing sunglasses.

In preparation for June 27, the Vision Council encouraged ECPs and optical retailers to help promote the importance of UV-protective sunwear as a part of the event. Since then, the optical community has utilized their social media to do just that. From New York to Seattle, ECPs across the nation are encouraging their customers to post photos using #NationalSunglassesDay and #SunglassSelfie, while others are holding special promotions and sales in commemoration of the event.

1. The Vision Council has started the countdown to June 27.

2. Nebraska’s Advanced Eye Care Hastings encourages their customers to wear sunglasses.

3. The Eye Doctors at CNY Eye Care in Syracuse, N.Y. will be offering some sunwear savings.

4. Eye Balls Seattle is holding a raffle.

5. Frames Direct is holding a contest for a free pair of designer sunglasses.

6. FYSH UK speaks out about the seriousness of UV damage.

7. Laconia Eye and Laser Center in Gilford, N.H. urges patients to share their #SunglassSelfies.

8. Metro Optics Eyewear is partnering with Bronx Mama to promote wearing sunglasses in all seasons.

9. Tacoma, Washington’s Mo Tuttle will have a special National Sunglasses Day Giveaway.

10. MyEyeDr. talks about other harmful material besides UV rays.

11. The most adorable customers at Palatine Vision Center in Illinois will participate in #NationalSunglassesDay.

12. Michigan’s Rx Optical would also like customers to share #SunglassSelfies.

13. Rye Eye Care has already gotten the ball rolling in New York.

14. Eye Care Associates in North Carolina is educating their customers on the importance of sunglasses.

15. Wildwood Vision Specialists in Missouri are camera-ready for #NationalSunglassesDay.

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