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John Varvatos Debuts Collaboration With Nick Jonas for SS18 Collection

By Jamie Wilson
Monday, February 12, 2018 12:20 AM
NEW YORK—The John Varvatos brand from De Rigo REM has announced that musician and actor, Nick Jonas will not only be the face of the brand’s spring/summer 2018 campaign but will also debut a unique limited-edition capsule collection labeled, JV x NJ.

The collaboration which will begin with the spring/summer 2018 campaign was shot by iconic photographer Danny Clinch and follows Jonas around New York as he visits his favorite local hot spots, “capturing the essence of the modern man’s day to day.”

“The process in working with Nick is amazing.” Varvatos said, “He’s a musician, he’s an artist, he’s an actor, he’s intrigued by everything in the world, and I had a real connection with that. It’s inspiring to be around someone who is not only connected with the trade that they do, but also with what’s happening in the environment around him, and how that connects to what we do with style… We’re working together on a number of things, first he’s going be the face of our campaign, and then we’ve collaborated on a series of items for the spring season, and we had a great time doing it together.”

The partnership between Varvatos and Jonas which was “born from a mutual, deep-rooted affinity for music, fashion and philanthropy” is the first co-collaboration for the designer.

“We sat down at dinner and I knew right away he was going to be a great friend of mine,” Jonas said. “I think it made sense to both of us. The human connection was so real because the friendship evolved in such a natural way, the next step was trying to make something great together. Beyond just fashion and music and the tie in there, we’re thinking big picture about how do we influence the world in some way,” Jonas said.
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