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Getting Consumers to Visit the Store

By Staff
Friday, January 12, 2018 11:24 AM
In VM’s upcoming January issue, we take a look at what to watch for in 2018 in the areas of trends, products, tech, stores and e-commerce. Under the heading Brick and Click, we predict retailers that combine the best elements of brick-and-mortar retailing—being able to feel the merchandise and get personalized sales help and doctor’s care—with the ease and convenience of online shopping 24/7 will have distinct advantages over competitors who only operate in one realm or the other.

About 74 percent of consumer say they typically visit the store to buy something specific rather than to browse, according to the National Retail Federations’ Fall 2017 Consumer View. However, compared to older shoppers, younger generations are more likely to view the store as an opportunity to socialize and explore: 48 percent of Gen Zers and 35 percent of Millennials say they typically visit the store just to browse. But Millennials/Gen Z customers also visit the store to socialize or talk to an expert or brand ambassador. Approximately 7 in 10 consumers say they usually visit a store because they need something right away (69 percent) or because they prefer to shop in store (66 percent). Nearly two-thirds want to see the item in person before buying it.

The top reasons consumers choose the store because it is convenient or they simply prefer shopping in stores. Half of Millennials/Gen Z are more likely to visit a store to hang out with friends and family (55 percent), pick up an item they ordered online (50 percent) or chat with a sales associate (44 percent) compared to just a third of shoppers overall.

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