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Eyeing the Future, Shamir Looks to Lenses and Beyond

By Staff
Friday, September 21, 2018 12:21 AM

Raanan Naftalovich (l) and Yagen Moshe.

KIBBUTZ SHAMIR, UPPER GALILEE, Israel—Shamir is on the cusp of a technological breakthrough as it prepares to launch its latest progressive lens, Autograph Intelligence, next week at Vision Expo. To develop the lens, which can adapt to diverse patient needs, Shamir conducted extensive research using methods of big data and elements of artificial intelligence. However, Shamir’s vision extends beyond lenses. The Israeli company is taking what it’s learned through making and marketing lenses and applying it to new optical businesses.

It is focusing its efforts on products and services designed to improve the customer experience for eyeglass wearers.

To get a better understanding of these new initiatives and get an inside look at the development of Autograph Intelligence, VM editors Marge Axelrad and Andrew Karp travelled to Shamir’s headquarters in Upper Galilee, Israel. On a hot, cloudless day in late July, they talked with Yagen Moshe, the new president of Shamir Optical Industry, and Raanan Naftalovich, president of Shamir North America.

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