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By Jamie Wilson
Monday, February 12, 2018 12:20 AM


Eco by Modo

Eco, Modo’s pioneering eyewear brand, creates new concepts with earth friendly materials while continuing its main commitments of sustainability and social responsibility. Eco’s Biobased frames are made from 63 percent plant-based materials, and Eco Recycled is the only eyewear brand made from 95 percent recycled materials. Plus, a tree is planted for every frame sold—so far, Modo has planted over 1.5 million trees.

MSRP is $170.


Twenty Twenty Family Vision Center

Sturtevant, Wisconsin
Meg Richardson, OD

“Patients who purchase these frames walk away with more than a new look; they feel good about investing in a company that cares.”

What are you selling?
I have always been conscious of the environmental impact of consumable goods. The plastic products we use on a daily basis have increasingly become a serious worldwide issue. When I opened my practice and heard about the Eco line of frames, it was clear that they would be a central brand in the optical. Eco frames are made from recycled plastic (the “bits and pieces” left over after manufacturing traditional frames) and plant-based materials. Although they are created via non-traditional manufacturing methods, the frames are beautiful, durable and comfortable. Another compelling fact about these frames is that Modo plants a tree for every frame that is sold. To date, they have planted 1.5 million trees worldwide.

Who’s buying it?
Eco has a great selection of those hard-to-find petite women’s frames which do really well with women and young adults.

Why do they like it?

Eco is a brand with a story and a social/environmental conscience. Additionally, the frames have a very reasonable price-point which makes them attractive to younger people who generally have less disposable income to work with. I love telling the “Eco story” when a customer is looking at buying these frames. Made with recycled and/or plant-based materials, vibrantly beautiful and comfortable, and giving back to the world community by planting a tree for each frame sold.

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