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Check Out: Modo

By Jamie Wilson
Monday, August 13, 2018 12:33 AM



Modo has a passion for designs that merge form and function. Founded in 1990, it has grown from its New York origins to a global company. Modo’s designs begin with a commitment to innovative products that use the latest materials and manufacturing methods, and its sustainability and social responsibility pledges drive everything that they do.

MSRP is $225 to $315.


Carolina Eye Doctors

Harrisburg, North Carolina
Chantal Garcia, OD

“Modo provides patients that ‘wow’ effect, initially gravitating toward the line for their sleek designs and hooking them with their weightless yet durable feel.”

What are you selling?
When we opened our doors, we knew right away Modo would be a top selling collection. Modo sets itself apart by utilizing innovative materials to provide patients with lightweight frames and fashion forward designs. There is nothing boring about these functional frames and no one does a red like Modo!

Who’s buying it?
Modo speaks to everyone. Especially those patients who desire comfortable frames without compromising on style. Modo spans all generations. We have sold Modo 4512 Cyrstal Gold to both 20-year-olds and 70-year-olds looking to add a splash of fun to their everyday look.

Why do they like it?
We know acetates are the preferred style of choice with patients but they are usually bulky and uncomfortable. Modo has captured this consumer by engineering frames that both look and feel good. Handcrafted in Japan with metal cores, the quality of Modo frames are unparalleled and can instantly be appreciated by patients. Also, who doesn’t love a line with a purpose? In 2016, Modo launched buy a frame - help a child see program offering eyecare and eyewear to over 650,000 children.

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