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CES 2018 Showcases Vision in Many Forms

By Staff
Friday, January 12, 2018 12:36 AM
LAS VEGAS—It takes some digging to find ophthalmic products amid the seemingly endless displays of flat panel OLED screens, smart home devices, AI-powered digital assistants and autonomous cars here at CES 2018, the huge, sprawling, annual trade show that has taken over much of this town all week. Yet they are here, and their presence is growing significantly year after year. In fact, CES is becoming a major sight and vision product event. Assistive products for the blind and vision impaired, visual acuity screeners, eye tracking software for diagnosing visual performance and liquid crystal IOLs that can be refocused post-surgically are just some of the products that can be seen and experienced here, both in the health and wellness pavillion and main exhibit halls. Alongside them are a multitude of virtual reality and augmented reality eyeglasses and goggles, some of which feature components supplied by companies that also make ophthalmic products.

Look for VM's full CES 2018 report by lens and technology editor Andrew Karp next week.

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CES 2018

A view of the main hallway at the Las Vegas Convention Center, where the largest exhibits are located.

CES 2018

A digital home assistant greeted visitors at the LG booth.

CES 2018

Augmented reality products like this pair of Lumus glasses always attract crowds eager to experience the view.

CES 2018

Virtual reality goggles by Zeiss and many others are one of the most popular CES attractions.

CES 2018

This eyeglass-mounted display from QD Laser uses retinal projection technology to help visually impaired people see more clearly.

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