Vision Monday


A View of Hurricane Michael from Space

By Staff

Wednesday, October 10, 2018 12:50 PM

Here is a view of Hurricane Michael from space, captured from the International Space Station as the storm approached the U.S. According to this story from ABC News, Hurricane Michael, a potentially catastrophic Category 4 storm, is nearing landfall along the Florida Panhandle, bringing a life-threatening storm surge of up to 14 feet high. Florida Gov. Rick Scott on Wednesday called Michael the worst storm in that coastal area in 100 years. A Category 4 or 5 storm has never hit the Panhandle in recorded history. As the storm barrels ahead with 150 mph winds, thousands have fled the coastline to shelters. But with just hours until landfall, officials have said the time to evacuate is now over. Michael, set to crash into the coast midday Wednesday, is forecast to bring heavy rain of up to 12 inches.

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